CQ of Bullies in Social Media. Stop it Cyber Bullies. It’s very easy to find you.

I run a social media company and love and respect all the many good attributes social media has brought to the world:

  1. Instant share and learn.
  2. Rapid responses to tragedies.
  3. Cost efficient marketing campaigns for new entrepreneurs.
  4. Private places for minorities to feel less alone.
  5. And so on…

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However, the negatives are appalling. Who on earth is small enough, cowardly enough, and stupid enough to torment people using social media??

A message to Bullies:

  • Do you really think you won’t be found out?
  • What on earth are you thinking?
  • Why be so mean?
  • Why be so cruel?
  • Why be so pathetic?

It really is absolutely amazing to me to see this trend develop. It was one thing when I was at school when I saw a bully laugh at the ‘fat’ kid, and/or the ‘geek’ and/or the lousy athlete. The bully would typically bump into that person, or yell out something mean, or write them a note on their book. I was known to rather aggressively confront the bullies, so I suppose I was the bully of bullies, which isn’t a great thing either, but that was I. I am sure I was mean sometimes too, as I was part of the popular crowds, but I certainly don’t remember being calculated. Gosh, I hope I wasn’t as I really think it is the lowest form of one’s character.

But NOW, with the assumed subtle/anonymous way Facebook allows us to behave, people are being more blatant about their judgments.

  • Let me just tell you Facebook Bullies – you are EASILY, and I mean VERY EASILY found out. It just takes a little bit of digging from much more intelligent technologists to find out exactly who you are.
  • STOP IT!  Grow up. Put yourself in the shoes of that person you don’t like, and think about what you’d feel like for ONE second. It is not nice to feel awful. It really isn’t.

Our company will offer pro-bono help to as many families as we can to find these cowardly bullies, and I hope to add many other social media companies to help out too.

Remember cyber bullies; it’ll take us five minutes to find out who you are. Five minutes to put a massive dent in your reputation for life. Probably not worth bullying is it now? Nope… everyone has so much good in them.  Go and find your goodness. I promise you, it’s not far away.

Good luck.



  1. Matthew says

    Dave, that article is hilarious, so thanks for linking.

    This post reminded me of an interview I read with one of my personal heroes, musician Jack White. The title of his album ‘Sea of Cowards,’ is in large part a reference to this anonymous judgement and hate that seems to spew forth from the internet masses. I’m sure people would be less likely to act so badly toward one another in the digital sphere if they had to take responsibility for and defend their comments. Do you think social media is helping people take a more personalized view of their online presence, or simply allowing the anonymous bullying to take a more pointed and direct hit on the victims?

  2. Lisa says

    In the recent years I am shocked at how terrible an issue this is! About 2 years ago on Long Island a young high school girl who was active in sports was bullied on her Facebook and Foam Spring account… countless comments on how she was “ugly” and had “fat arms” were posted on all of her pictures. People went as far as saying “go kill yourself” on her wall. This is absolutely DISGUSTING! After she committed suicide people continued to post these terrible comments.

    Clare, you are right, they WILL be caught! The incident at Rutgers a few months ago ended in a student suicide and the arrest of 2 students who were behind it. Amazing post; I’m really happy you have brought light to this issue and expressed your views.

  3. Kristin says

    When I saw this commercial on Fox the other day, I immediately became emotional and teared up: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7skPnJOZYdA

    The “Its Gets Better” Project, I feel, really relates to this post. This video mainly focuses on the bullying of gay individuals, but bullying is everywhere you look in today’s world and it is absolutely terrible. We need to take a stand against these “mean”, “cruel” and “pathetic” people. We need to help save lives! Social Media may be the root of the problem, but it can also be the solution!

  4. Erica says

    I have witnessed this very thing among my teenagers friends, sadly it seems to be more girls participating in Cyberbullying, than boys, but as you point out, they get traced and caught! Once caught, we learn that cyberbullying is a symptom of other issues — people should be punished sternly for their cowardly actions.

  5. cyber victim says

    I am at the end of my rope. I have been getting cyberstalked and harassed for 2 years. They stared at me for a year with a webcam and reported everything I did. I have finally proven I was messed with, hacked with 8 computers, 2 were crashed permanently, the rest they crashed every time they got scared. The computer forensics guy has proved a lot of what’s going on. I need help to finish this. I will go to extreme measures to stop this. I don’t have the money to hire all the appropriate people but I will do my best. I am in professional school. These are students doing this. I know who they are.

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