See the RED in A New Light – Oklahoma Shows Solid Ways to Educate Children

Nicholas Kristof’s article in the NYT this last Sunday was profoundly enlightening to me. For years I thought myself rather witty when I’d quietly declare that any State beginning with a vowel in America was probably low on my list of exploration. Now I’ve been here over fifteen years I see how ignorant that quip is/was. For one thing, I absolutely adore Alaska – to me, it is “The Zambezi by the Snow.”    Another thing I had absolutely no idea about is that Oklahoma was so far ahead in their thinking around establishing solid educational tools for children. Kristof’s well written article (as per usual) paints the “reddest” of States with a respectful brush. As someone who has been deeply interested in relevant education and different learning styles since the age of twelve, I actually love to learn something especially when I have been completely incorrect, and admire people like Kristof who take the time to factually show incognizant people like myself the more truthful picture. Hopefully other States will take Oklahoma’s lead here, and Oklahoma, I apologize and look forward to visiting your State in the near future. – C



  1. says

    As an early childhood educator in Oklahoma, I thank you for seeing what we work towards. Look forward to hearing that you’ve been here. I’m sure you’ll enjoy the visit. It’s truly a great state…. Even with all of the red. :/

    • clare says

      Thank you for your kind words. Your home State is on my list this year to visit. I look forward to it. Happy Mew Year to you. _c

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