Happy Love Day Everybody

On the eve of Valentines Day, I feel so fortunate to be on my deck watching the most gorgeous sunset and    writing alongside Maria, whilst Jackson is doing his homework (actually writing a poem to his mother for tomorrow). Maria and I were talking earlier of all the people we love around the world, and how many of them are going through major struggles, and some not necessarily major but definitely not easy.

For example, my brother, Alasdair and his beautiful family, Sasha, Daniel and Briar, are literally worried about their neighbors who live lower down the hill being underwater due to the floods in the UK.  And my father and stepmother are going through something similar in Normandy, France.  And then Maria’s mother sent a photograph today of their deck in Philedelphia that is totally unrecognizable as under mountains of snow.   What they all share in common, apart from the majesty of our Mother Earth’s weather, is an enormous bond of love.  How lucky are we and all us who have found the courage to love deeply, honestly and openly.  No matter the trials and tribulations, the love bond is one to be completely celebrated.  Even for those of us who are somewhat cynical at times, the red flowers showing the blood or boldness of feeling, and the cards with words of meaning, even the balloons, bubbles and chocolates, are all pieces of celebration. Receive it perhaps.

Why not?  And give it, as it is much easier to give.  But if you can’t bring yourself to do the ‘hallmark’ celebration, at least take a moment to see how lovely you are and how lovely all you love most certainly are, and how simply beautiful nature is around you.  Go on.  Be a Valentine… one day isn’t that big a task.  Enjoy.  – C x


  1. Sokoyah Ifasola says

    I want to let you know I appreciate honesty; and realize that it takes a lot of love and strength for anyone to be totally open about their personal lives, most of us no matter our choices, attempt to keep private things private. I applaud your love for your partner and yourself, many heterosexual individuals won’t reveal who they love because the person is the wrong sex, colour, height, weight, etc.

    Best of luck to you and I pray your commitment will last forever.


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