During my years of building strategies, one of the templates I would use over and over again, was what I called 0 through 10 steps. One day I looked at this graph that I would pull out in all meetings and suddenly saw the pattern.  It was a simple way to communicate both intellectual analysis as well as creative or emotional data to any type of audience.  There and then CQ was born.    Simply put,  CQ: Communication Quotient™  –  the bridge between Intelligence Quotient (IQ) and Emotional Quotient (EQ). It is the power to communicate your intentions in a way that can be well expressed and received, making both parties feel recognized, and hopefully productive. CQ™‘s mission is to empower individuals to improve their everyday communication skills in order to transform their personal and professional relationships. By providing simple and widely accessible educational tools, CQ™ would enable people around the world to conquer everyday obstacles and manifest seemingly unattainable goals. I have always been fortunate to be amongst smart, funny and above all curious people. All of whom continue to push me for further clarity.

On a personal level, I am particularly interested in CQ as I often am amazed at what triggers me to drop into low CQ.  Most of us do this. I like knowing there are easy ways to miss the near crashes and I am in awe of how leading through our hearts first is the easiest way to avoid a catastrophe. In addition, I am fortunate enough to know many smart individuals who have a hard time expressing what they are talking about either because their IQ is off the scale or their EQ is.  It really doesn’t matter how smart anyone is, or even how emotion someone might be, if we can’t effectively communicate what we are trying to express, it can often become a moot point or totally misunderstood.

The vision for CQ Matrix is to weave techniques into programs and workshops with the focus on empowering communication techniques to help reposition our lives or brands, or simply our current conversation.  For now we are exploring the perfect partners for this venture and always open to hearing your thoughts.  – C.